Manufacturing Custom Winches To Suit Your Requirements

If your business is involved with any sort of heavy lifting or hauling, you will likely want a winch to do this job. There are times, however, that an ordinary piece of equipment may have trouble doing exactly what you need it to do. Here are a few reasons why it may be worth seeking out a custom winch in Brisbane.

Designers That Are With You Every Step

When you request a custom-made winch, a representative is with you through every part of the design process, from jotting down what you will be using it for to delivery at your facility. You'll be brought in to consult with the mechanical and RPEQ engineers so that you have a voice in what they design and create. These experts, who have 25 years' experience building machines like these, will ensure that your winch is constructed in accordance with Australian New Zealand Standard AS / NZS 1418, as well as with MDG33 for mines and all international regulations that may apply.

As you design your custom winch, attention to detail permeates the entire process, and your winch is built to last. Its specifications include any spare parts you may need to replace in the future. Before you receive delivery of the final product, it's tested to be certain that it functions properly and can perform the application for which it was manufactured. It will be installed for you at your location, and it comes with manuals and (at a minimum) a one-year warranty.

Types of Winches That Can Be Customized

When you purchase a custom winch in Brisbane, there are many types to choose from. The four most common varieties are electric, hydraulic, hand, and pneumatic winches:

  • Electric winch: AC electric winches come in one or three phases and can be adapted for either urban or rural use. If you require it to move more than 15 meters per minute, you will want a variable speed. A DC electric winch is ideal for areas where AC electricity is difficult to find and are usually 12 or 24-volt. 
  • Hydraulic winch: While typical hydraulic winches can handle up to 4.5 tonnes, a custom-built winch can haul far more than that. It can be either variable or fixed speed, depending on the necessary velocity. Each hydraulic winch is examined for the task it must do and the fluid pressure that will flow through it.
  • Hand/manual winch: The hand, or manual, winch rotates the rope, cable, chain, or other material used to lift the item with a hand crank mounted to the side of the machine. These can be customized to make the effort easier on you or your employees.
  • Pneumatic winch: This type of custom winch operates by a forceful stream of air. The attached compressor starts the motor that controls the winch and directs the lifting. It works best in oil or gasoline, construction, and in applications that deal with boats or the sea. They can also be designed to suit whatever job you require.

In some instances, a standard winch can be fitted with an additional feature or two so that it will comply with your needs. This extends to mining and man riding, as well, since the winch must be custom-built for safety and must comply with an additional set of laws. If this type of customization is done, it is thoroughly tested to confirm that the winch meets all regulations and will work correctly for you.

Having the proper tools to do the job is essential for any company. Designing a custom winch in Brisbane can be a smart, efficient way to keep your business working at the level you desire.


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