Electric Winches

Australian Certified Winches supply standard electric winches and custom made electric winches. These winches can be further broken down into two sub categories; AC electric winches and DC electric winches.

AC winches are powered by AC electricity. This can be single phase or 3 phase and can be country voltage specific no problem. Once you have decided on an AC winch, the next step is the control over the winch. The control can be variable speed or fixed speed. Australian Certified Winches recommends for AC Winches that if fixed speed is used, a max speed of 15 m/min is applied as the starting inertia. Speeds greater than this can introduce other structural issues, so it is recommended for AC Winches over 15 m/min that variable speed control is applied.


For AC Electric Winches using variable speed control in hoisting applications, the generated power while lowering must be dispersed of. The common method is by diverting the generated power to a resistor. However in applications where the investment can be justified, a regenerative system can be integrated so the power is fed back into the power grid to reduce electricity consumption costs.

DC winches are typically 12 or 24 volts and used in applications where the duty cycle is lower and AC power is not readily available. Typically, DC winches are limited in speed by the available battery power rather than the application. DC winches can also be controlled with fixed speed or variable speed, however they typically slow down when the motor is loaded unlike AC winches.

All Custom Electric Winches are fully tested and commissioned in the workshop prior to delivery. Any Custom electric winch up to 10 Tonnes capacity can be dynamically tested on our purpose built winch test tower.

All our Electric Winches are supplied with full installation, operation and maintenance manuals and have a minimum 12 month warranty.


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