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Each project Australian Certified Winches undertake is custom designed for your intended application. 

Check out our Custom winch designs in Brisbane: Below are a few of our completed case studies, detailing the unique design and how it fits within our customer’s requirements. ⇓⇓


Underground Recovery Winch

These winches are used for rescue & recovery purposes in underground mining. These winches must conform to the highest safety standards & are reliable and easy to use. → Read more

Electric Hauling Winch

Often used in the construction industry. These winches consist of two parts; the power unit & the winch itself with the drum. Water proofing, braking, explosion or speed control can all be achieved with an electric motor.  →Read more

Pneumatic Hosting Winch (Air)

Pneumatic Winches are best in areas with higher risk of explosions (petroleum) mining & the occasional industries choose Pneumatic. These can go up to 22 kW & are not recommended for high power applications.  →Read more

Electro Hydraulic Multi Purpose Winch (Oil)

Commonly used in the Mining Industry, this winch can haul mine conveyors up and down an incline during mining operations. → Read more  Electric Hauling Winch 02 Read more

Powered Cable Reel

Powered Cable reel machine designed for the cable change operation of winches on marine barges.→ Read more

Self Contained Diesel Powered Winch

This Winch is very powerful & is usually used in heavy-duty construction sites that require large payloads. It disposes a high brake power capacity of up to 380 kW continuous braking output. → Read more

Electric Hoisting Winch

Commonly used for Marine Industries, these winches can successfully operate in water. Successfully retrieving water pumps. → Read more

Self Contained Diesel Hydraulic Capstan Winch

Complete with a air cooled Diesel hydraulic power pack on a skid frame, this winch is very reliable in remote areas and hot climates.→ Read more

Electro Hydraulic Hauling Winch

This winch is variable speed and powered by a single phase supply.→ Read more

Electric Mooring Winch

Used for Marine operations, the winches have 500 kN manual band brakes and full de-clutcheable drums to allow anchors to be positioned by powered vessel.→ Read more

Dual Rope Push/Pull Winch

Used for both Mining and Industrial, these winches provide rapid opening and closing of Blast proof doors in a mining application.→ Read more

Electric Mooring Capstan

The capstan is operated by footswitch and has a failsafe brake to prevent the operator being pulled into the unit.→ Read more

Self Contained Cable
Hauling Recovery Winch

This equipment is used to perform cable change operations.→ Read more

Anchor Windlass

The winches are built chain gypsy style to suit 26mm Studlink Anchor chain.→ Read more

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