Mining Industry

Australian Certified Winches are heavily involved in the Australian Mining Industry, from mining process winches (getting the mineral from the ground to stockpile) to mining transport winches (moving the material to local refinery’s and overseas). We have the experience to design and manufacture the right winch that will work 24/7.

Some mining winches used in underground mining have specific standards to be adhered to such as MDG33 and AS61508. These winches generally are referred to as winders and hoist personnel and materials at high speeds.

Winches used in conveyors and shiploaders must be built to withstand the harsh environment and maintain 100% availability as downtime is very costly.

Winches for the mining industry include but are not limited to the below:

  • Mining process
    • Mine winders
    • Personnel conveyance
    • Stacker winches
    • Reclaimer winches
    • Hoist winches
  • Materials transport winches
    • Conveyor winches
    • Take up winches
    • Shiploader winches
    • Reclaimer winches

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