Hydraulic Winches

Australian Certified Winches has a large selection of standard hydraulic winches available as ex-stock. However these winches are generally up to 4.5 Tonne capacity and up to 100m of rope capacity. For requirements outside these parameters, we custom make our winches in house. There are several key factors that decide the drive train when designing hydraulic Winches. This includes the available hydraulic pressure and flow and also the specific conditions the winch has to work in. For instance, a constant tension mooring winch would have a completely different drive train to a high speed hoist winch with hundreds of metres of rope.

Australian Certified Winches are professionals at designing all types of hydraulic winches. We have extensive experience with hydraulic system design. This means that we can integrate our winches into any type of existing hydraulic system.

As with electric winches, hydraulic winches can also be controlled fixed speed or variable speed. This is achieved through the type of control valve or in some applications can be controlled directly by a closed loop hydraulic pump.

A lot of our hydraulic winches are coupled with a diesel powerpack to make a self contained winch. These are used on conveyor belt change applications, tailings, pontoon maneuvering and for take up winches to name a few. The self contained diesel hydraulic winches are always mine compliant and can be controlled via a remote pendant or wireless radio control.

All custom hydraulic winches are fully tested and commissioned in the workshop prior to delivery. Any custom winch up to 10 Tonnes capacity can be dynamically tested on our purpose built winch test tower.

All our winches are supplied with full installation, operation and maintenance manuals and have a minimum 12 month warranty. Contact us today to find out more about our range and designs.


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