Choosing an Electric or Hydraulic Winch Brisbane

Choosing an Electric or hydraulic winch

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing an Electric or hydraulic winch. Because choosing the wrong winch will make the job you’re trying to complete much harder than necessary, if not impossible. Not only that but choosing the wrong winch can be potentially dangerous if a cable were to snap. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your next electric or hydraulic winch in Brisbane.

How Often the Winch Will Be Used

The difference between an electric winch and a hydraulic winch has to do with how the winch is powered. Electric winches are connected to the battery of the vehicle and the electrical system to generate power. Hydraulic winches, however, use the power steering pump as a power source. Since the power steering pump is the source of energy, the vehicle will have to be turned on to power the winch.

Generally speaking, how often the winch is used will largely determine what kind of winch to purchase. Although they are less expensive than hydraulic winches, electric winches are often prone to overheating if used for extended periods of time. If you’ll be using the winch for long hours on most days, a hydraulic winch is the best choice.

The Size of the Job

When choosing an electric or hydraulic winch in Brisbane, consider the size of the job. Electric winches are often easier to install and can be quickly transferred from one vehicle to another if needed. Electric winches are quite efficient when it comes to jobs that are quick and don’t require a ton of power. Hydraulic winches, however, are usually needed for a large job that will require a lot of strength and power. Offering much more durability, hydraulic winches are built to withstand more pressure, tension, and weight.

The Type of Rope

Regardless of what type of winch you use – hydraulic or electric – the type of rope used will play a factor in your decision as well. There are two types of rope that can be used with winches: steel or synthetic. Steel ropes are great if you are going to be performing a job in rough terrains such as sand, mud, and rocks. Not only are they inexpensive but they are also fairly easy to maintain. Steel ropes can cut your hands though, so be sure to wear gloves when working with them.

Synthetic ropes are much less likely to cut you, so you won’t have to wear gloves while handling them if you don’t want to. They’re more flexible than steel cables and are easier to handle because of how much lighter than steel they are. Synthetic ropes will also require a bit more maintenance than steel ones and will need to be washed occasionally after getting dirty. Keep in mind, they are much more susceptible to harsh chemicals and heat so they may become damaged more easily than steel cables.

The Weight You Need To Pull

Another thing to consider when choosing an electric or hydraulic winch in Brisbane is the weight of the load you’ll need to pull. The maximum capacity of the winch will need to be greater than the weight you need to lift or tow. You’ll also need to take into account a safety margin of 50%. Go for a traction capacity that it is at least twice that of the load that needs to be towed in order to avoid any accidents.

There are many aspects that you’ll want to consider when choosing the correct winch. Factors such as weight, rope material, job size, and frequency of use will all play a part in determining which winch is best for you. Choosing the correct winch ensures your safety as well as the ease of job completion.


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